Spicy Mango

Meg and I both showed up to daycare early today, so we got to do family drop-off with the 4 little’s all together.

And big sister had a good drop-off at her big girl school.

Saw some of our favorite YouTuber’s make these on their vlog last week, and they sounded so good I immediately hopped on the Walmart app to add it to my grocery order. Made them tonight with a bunch of sauteed peppers & onions, and they were really good! (Made regular hot dogs for the girls though.)

Little Addie Pie was a little sensitive and easily upset tonight, and was just plum wore out by the time we sat down for some tv time. She lasted a little bit snuggled by mommy, but then she accidentally let herself fall asleep on the couch.

Emerson was also worn out and fell asleep really quickly once I did her bedtime routine with her. Gonna wash up some dishes really quickly, apply some sunburn lotion on my roasted shoulders, and then settle down to watch a new Netflix series we got started on last night.

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