Orthopedic Follow-Up

Today was pajama day for Emerson, so she chose to wear this fuzzy onesie, with another pair of regular jammies underneath, in case she got tired of the onesie. (She told me she wore it all day though!)

And Addison was excited to wear big sister’s 4T jacket, so it would be big enough to get over the splint on her arm.

And we loved seeing our trippies at school this morning.

I picked up Addison early from school today, to take her back for a follow-up at TOC. Grammy was also there for an appointment for her back, so she met us there when she was done. They did new x-rays on Addie’s arm, which caused her to scream and cry. Then the doctor came in to say her x-rays looked perfect, no breaks or fractures, but she seemed to still be in pain. BUT – as you can see in this photo, she was actually using it to eat her snacks, without even thinking about it…

But since she was in so much pain, the doctor suggested we could keep it immobilized a little longer, until it seemed like she felt better, and then follow-up again with the pediatric orthopedist. So then before we left the PA wrapped it back up and sent us on our way. But the wrap was inside out, so it didn’t stick, and came unwrapped by the time she got in the car and found my sunglasses. So I suggested we leave it off for a break, and we could put it back on when we got home…

But then once we got home, she seemed to have forgotten all about it. They laid down on this pallet they made, and were playing and having fun together. I kept reminding Emerson about a billion times that she needed to still be very careful with her, but Addison did great!

We had a quick dinner at Cane’s before church, then Emmie and I got there early for kids choir and praise team, and then Jeff and Addie came a little later, in time for regular church time for prayer and praise.

Then it was straight to bed once we got home, like usual on Wednesday night’s. And also like usual, it’s now time for a snack or a dessert and a couple episodes of The Office with hubby.

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