Halloween Trick or Treating 2023

These girls are just too cute. Love their little dresses and their little smiles.

Today was “book character” day for Emerson, and she went simple with Pinkalicious, the one with the garden since her dress has flowers on it, which was all her idea, and she picked it all out on her own.

One of my coworkers recently got engaged, so a few of us got together to throw her a simple surprise engagement brunch at the office today! We did a really cute fall theme, with fruit, donuts, muffins, bundtini’s pumpkin bread, bite-sized chicken & waffles, fruit and a mocktail mimosa station. It turned out so nice, and she was totally shocked!

My boss told her she was going to a meeting, so she brought her little notepad and pen, and was genuinely so confused when we all yelled “Surprise!”, until we actually had to tell her, “This party is for YOU!”

We actually forgot to send a costume to school with Addison, but it looks like they put one of the dress-up outfits on her, so she could be in the class picture with the rest of her friends!

After figuring out all the logistics of who was picking up who and when, eventually we all made it out to Grammy & Papa’s house. We had Publix sandwich rings for dinner (I love those things), and the ngot all the little girls into their costumes together.

When we went out to take our pictures all together, I had already taught Emmie this little cheer pose, and I was trying to get Addie to put her one first straight up in the air in a super hero pose, and all the trippies decided they wanted to try it out too, but none of them quite nailed it 😉

From left to right below: Kensley as Coronation Anna from Frozen, Addison as Wonder Woman, Ellie as Ursuala the Sea Witch, Riley as Bride Rapunzel, and Emerson as cheerleader-Taylor-Swift from the “Shake It Off” music video.

We all piled into a couple of cars to drive a few minutes down the road, to the most popular trick-or-treat area in Killearn Lakes, on Copperfield. I rode in the way-back of the van, and watched the road go backwards…

A bit of last-minute instructions from Grammy before hitting the road.

We got started a little late, so it got dark shortly after we started, and I didn’t get as many pictures as I thought I did. It was like herding cats for the whole hour we walked about 2 miles, but the girls got tons of candy and had a blast, and we didn’t lose anyone or sustain any injuries, so really that’s a win in my book!

Emerson needed another sandwich when we got back to Grammy’s house, they both picked out car snacks, and we got them in their jammies. They both fell asleep on the way home of course, then Emerson just walked herself straight to her bed when we got home, and Addie only needed a little bit of cuddles. Now, time to snag myself some of the good candy! 😉

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