Souper Day

It’s Red Ribbon week at Gilchrist, for the “say no to drugs campaign,” so they have special dress up days all week. Today was sports day, so Emmie was a Seminole cheerleader today. And although Addie looks very solemn, she was fine, but just didn’t want to smile 😉

I love how bright and lively Emmie’s sweet blue eyes look in this picture.

We had our annual chili lunch for our unit today. Our supervisor always brings a giant crock pot of chili, and we all pitch in with some toppings and desserts and chips and crackers. I actually got in the early and made pumpkin bread at 6am to bring in. (I also brought in the green onions, from my little backyard garden pot where I’ve been steadily growing them since early summer.) We all hung out in the conference just eating and chatting during our lunch hour, and it was so nice and casual.

And then apparently to go with the unintentional soup theme for the day, I made creamy sausage, spinach & tortellini soup for dinner tonight, with some garlic toast. This isn’t the first time I’ve made this recipe, but it was the first time I adapted it for the stove top instead of the crock pot, and it turned out really well.

I also love recipes that make a ton of food, with tons of leftovers for lunches for the week. I’m actually going to share one of these bowls with Meg, but the other two will be for me, because Jeff isn’t much of a soup fan. He just tolerates it for me, when I get a soup craving 😉

After dinner, Emmie was very sweetly just sitting in the floor folding a load of clean laundry, without even being asked to do it.

Meanwhile, I finally got Addison to eat her dinner, by spoon-feeding her every bite, but I did get all the tortellini & carrots in her, and she ate her own bread.

I love seeing this girl read her cute little books every night.

Addie is still wearing her splint, and gets upset every time we try to take it off. For instance, I unwrapped it to change her clothes tonight, and she still seemed to be in a lot of pain. She moved it slightly, but wouldn’t bend it all the way, nor straighten it all the way. She did fine at school with the splint on though, so we just have to make it through another day and a half before we go back to TOC, and force them to figure something out….

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