Jeff’s Birthday Steak Dinner

I picked out Addie’s cute little dress, but she picked out her own tennis shoes for the day. The girl really loves “stompy shoes,” as we call most all of her shoes, because she loves to stomp in them.

And the birthday boy took Emerson to school today, as usual!

One of my coworkers left me this container of lemon pound cake as a surprise today. So I ate one piece with my coffee this morning, and saved one piece for tomorrow’s breakfast.

I left the office around mid-morning, and went back to pickup Addie for her 3-year-old well check at the pediatrician’s office. We loved seeing Dr. Abby (our old friend from our old church), and Addie had a great check-up. She’s still the tiniest thing, at only 22lbs, in the 1st percentile for weight (and only 10th for height at 35″). All parts of the check-up were truly well though, and we were in & out in just a short time, which I really appreciated, because it’s not always quick there…

After I dropped Addie off at school again (just as her class was sitting down for lunch), I treated myself to a nice lunch as well, at Paris Bahn Mi. I meant to order an iced latte, but when the man was telling me their flavors, I forgot to say “iced,” so I had a hot latte instead (which I rarely get), but it was still very yummy. And the grilled pork sandwich was just as delicious as ever. I actually asked for extra veggies today, because I absolutely love those pickled daikon radish (the white things that look like onions).

But here’s a shot from the side to show that there is truly meat in under all the veggies.

As a part of Corrections Employee Appreciation Week every year, they always give us an FDC-branded gift of some sort. We’ve gotten umbrellas, coffee cups, Tervis water cups, mouse pads, backpacks, lunch bags, etc… And this year, we got a Stanley dupe in this nice navy color. It’s not stainless steel, but it’s still a pretty nice cup to add to the collection.

I briefly mentioned earlier, but today is Jeff’s birthday! I stated last night that I wasn’t going to cook this week, and going out for his birthday meal was part of that. We had a small gift card, a free appetizer card, and a free kids meal card, so we went to Texas Roadhouse for steak and yeast rolls and a cactus blossom. This was all super yummy, but all way too much food, and we brought home like 3 boxes of leftovers to-go.

We rarely ever go out to dinner, and certainly not on weeknights like this, so it really felt like such a special treat. Especially to celebrate our special guy!

Then Jeff and Addie went through the 7 Brew drive-thru on the way home, for BOGO drinks on the 7th, only from 7-8pm. They got two large ices lattes, but ordered them with no ice, so we could put them in the fridge and save them for tomorrow. The line was slow, so he unbuckled Addie while they waited.

Emmie and I went straight home, and got all of the clothes packed up for both girls, for our upcoming trip. I think we got all the clothes they need, and I’ve started a list of all the odds & ends & toiletries & activities that still need to be packed. If I haven’t said yet, we’re going away for five days to Nashville, for the wedding of one of our nieces on the Pullen side of the family!

Anyways, when it was bedtime, Addison brought her book over to Daddy for him to read to her, and then Emerson and I went to her room to read her school library book together.

We still have one more night to get all of our things packed up. So since it’s 10pm already, I’m just going to sit down and chill out, and we’ll do more tomorrow night to get everything taken care of finished up.

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