Ice Cream Social

Really quick, short little blog post tonight… Addison was just excited to go to school today.

And Emerson was excited to go on another field trip! She went to Maclay Gardens with her gifted class, took a picnic lunch, and they had a great time!

There’s a giant flock of geese near our office building, and these “baby” ones were so cute sitting in the grass, pecking away for their breakfast.

Today’s employee appreciation treat was a cute little ice cream social for our bureau specifically, with sundaes and a root beer float bar, put on by our Bureau Chief and some of our other supervisors. I made myself a waffle cone with one scoop of espresso chip and one scoop of churro, topped with a few cinnamon toast crunch pieces. So good!

Jeff took the girls to dinner at Chick-fil-A tonight, and I went to church to sing on the worship team.

He took them straight home after dinner, so he could get them in the bath tub and start working on some other things. And then I left church early after I finished singing, so that I could head home as well. We’ve got lots of chores to do, and more packing to finish up tonight, so that we can head out on our trip to Nashville for a family wedding tomorrow.

I will probably do just a few small blogs posts from my phone for the next few days, and then maybe a larger round-up recap post when we get back home. Pray for our safe travels tomorrow though, because this will definitely be the longest trip (x’s 3!) we’ve ever taken in the car with the girls, and all that entails… Plus throw an almost-potty-trained newly 3-year-old into the mix, and it’s sure to be a crazy day tomorrow especially!


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