Hubby’s Birthday

We’ve technically already had THREE birthday celebrations/meals for him in the last few days (dinner Saturday, dinner Sunday, lunch today), but today is finally his actual birthday! Today he turned 37. (He’s seven years older than me, FYI.) I just wanted to share a short by slightly sappy journal post, in honor of his special day today! I’m just so dang thankful that this sweet, freckled & bearded man is my hubby! He takes such good care of our little family, and makes me laugh with his cheesy jokes. So glad the Lord saw fit for us to find each other, almost seven years ago now. Praying for another great year of life for him, as a 37-year-old! Love you, Babes!

For his actual birthday night, the only request he had was a DQ dipped cone, which he so graciously shared with Emerson.

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