Busy Sunday

Today started out by substitute teaching the 4th grade Sunday school class. We played ballooon volleyball to review the lesson.  

After church, Daddy flew Emerson around the house while lunch cooked, then we all ate together while listening to an oldies record.

Then my friend Ashlee (far left below) and I drove an hour north to Thomasville, GA, for a “bridal shower pounding,” for a church friend, Emily (second from left below). By the way, a “pounding” is a stock-the-house kind of party where you gift pantry items, so I got them a ton of cleaning supplies. We played games, ate snacks & had fun!

I designed & made this toilet paper wedding dress for Olivia.

Finally, Jeff and I dropped off Emerson at my parents’ house, and we treated ourselves to Long Horn (with a gift card!) for his early birthday dinner.

All-in-all, it was a pretty hectic day. But it was full of lots of good friends & family.

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