Fruits & Veggies

Emerson loves picking these flower-weeds to bring to her teachers every morning, like the sweetheart she is.

Cousin crew t-shirts today, but unfortunately we couldn’t get the baby cousin in on the photos this time.

Sandwiches are one of my favorite things, especially for lunch-time, but you’re not supposed to eat deli meat while pregnant. So since giving birth, I’ve been loving to have a turkey sandwich a few times a week. And I try to make sure I get some fruits and veggies in there while I’m at it.

The girls and I got home a little bit before Jeff and the boys, as they had gone out and about this afternoon, and stopped to get us Chick-fil-A for dinner on the way home. (I had originally planned to cook this week, but who was I kidding with that idea? This week has been pure chaos!)

Nana came over to visit for a little bit, and to bring the boys their birthday cards (they turn 15 in a couple of weeks!), and she got some baby girl snuggles while she was here too.

After taking her bottle, and holding her up for a while to let it settle, she was still wide awake, so we just hung out and talked and played and she stared at me with those giant, beautiful, blue eyes.

Tonight is the boys last night with us, and Jeff will take them back to meet up with their mom tomorrow, so I forced them to take one more picture with their dad and sisters.

Also happening tomorrow, my biggest girl turns 4 years old! And I still can’t believe it. I never told her she was allowed to grow up so fast, but somehow she did, and I’m totally not prepared…

Emmie tried to stall and stay awake a little later tonight, and we had to send her back to her room a couple of times, but she did eventually settle down and fall asleep. Baby sister fell asleep too, and was so precious all swaddled up and snug as a bug.

Jeff and the boys ran to Walmart really quickly for a few things the boys needed at the last minute, and I also added a few more things to their list for Emmie’s birthday. Gonna grab a snack and watch some Netflix before they get back, and then I’m sure I’ll read before bedtime a bit as usual.


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