Four Years Old

My best big girl Emerson is four years old today! It really doesn’t feel possible, and these past four years have flown by way too fast. I can’t believe it!

When Aunt Meggie and Uncle Bo brought the triplets to school today, they all five stopped by to love on Addison for a minute, and they also sang Happy Birthday to Emerson in the hallway, which was sooo adorable!

And then all the girls had a great day at school, and Emerson even got to do water day before the rain started today.


Grammy brought cupcakes for Emmie’s class for her birthday, and we also sent these paper unicorn masks into school for all her friends to color as well. And I love that they were having their snack while wearing them!

Since Jeff took the boys back to their mom today, and he wasn’t back from that trip yet (they meet halfway from here to South Carolina, but it’s still an all-day affair most of the time), we headed out to Grammy’s house after I picked up the girls from school. We had pizza for dinner, Emmie got to open some presents, she fed the deer, and ate the special donut Grammy got her for bassert.

Oh and we also started setting up for her birthday party tomorrow!




These two both fell asleep together so sweetly.

We headed home a little late, and Emmie got to open her presents from Mommy and Daddy. One gift was missing (it literally just got delivered at 9:30pm), but she’ll get to open that in the morning.

Baby Yoda Bluetooth speaker, unicorn spinning nightlight, book and Frozen thermos – she was thrilled with all the things!

I read her new book to her, while Daddy set up her new light, and then she very sweetly went to sleep, for her first night as a four-year-old!


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