Little Sweetheart

Emerson is just the proudest big sister you’ve ever seen, to take her baby sister to school in the mornings. It’s so sweet and precious!

She picked this tiny flower-weed to give to her teacher, Miss Caitlin, and was also very proud of that too.

Addison slept the whole ride to school, and stayed asleep while I got her out of her seat, and then finally woke up as I put her in a bouncer in her classroom.

I got a few pics from the teachers at school today, and it seems like both girls had a good day today!

When I got back to school this afternoon to pick them up, Emmie had Miss Brooke do her hair super fast, while I got Addie strapped into her car seat.

The boys went over to Nana’s church with her tonight, so the girls and I went through the Culver’s drive-thru on the way home. This little Emmie-girl is obsessed with their cheese curds and pretzel bites, and really I think Jeff and I are too. So good!

We had a fun video chat with Aunt Meggie, Uncle Bo and the triplets tonight, and they just kept hollering, “I wanna see Addie!” Riley got a little whiny towards the end, and Kensley was sweet, but Ellie was just the chattiest little girl!

I missed my baby girl super a lot today, and I was super glad she woke up to cuddle and interact and love me a little bit 🙂

Can you even handle this adorable this little sweetheart is?! I cannot!

Emmie was tickling up Addie’s tummy, then booping her nose, while I was trying to change her diaper, and it was super cute.

Emerson went to sleep easily, and Addison finished off another bottle, then promptly fell asleep immediately. I held her and snuggled her for another 30 minutes while watching The Pioneer Woman (which I’ve been bingeing like crazy on Discovery+ lately), before swaddling her and laying her down.

Nana brought the boys back a few minutes ago, and Jeff is working with someone remotely on some computer stuff, so I think I’m going to read a little bit before heading to bed. I accidentally slept through all of my alarms this morning and woke up super late, so I need to make sure I get a little bit more sleep tonight, and hopefully wake up feeling more rested tomorrow!



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