From Grumpy to Giggling

So you know when all sorts of little things just go wrong, and it’s just annoying? That happened to me today after work. It wasn’t anything big, just a few things piled on top of each other… But since that’s not what this blog is for, I won’t list the specifics. Just know it was all small, dumb things, but I was grumpy. And so I pouted and stewed while cooking dinner, and then begrudgingly sat down to eat with the family.

But you know what happened? Once we said the blessing, and began eating, my bad attitude started melting away. The boys were telling us silly stories and Emerson was messily eating her sloppy joe and broccoli. And I realized how blessed I was, and how dumb it was to let those small, annoying things bother me so much. So the best part of today? Was definitely just eating supper with my family at the table. Then after dinner, and getting Emmie to sleep, and washing dishes, we all watched this ridiculous compilation video on YouTube, and we were just dying laughing. And isn’t fun to just laugh at the ridiculous stuff with your family sometimes?

On another note, I finished my latest audio book on the way to work this morning (The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie, which was really cute & good, and Ryan has now decided to listen to it on his own too), and started a new one on my lunch break today. Not only does The Hazel Wood have a gorgeous cover, but at about 20% into the book, I’m already really interested in it.

And will you guys please say a little prayer for Emerson tonight? She’s super congested, and I feel it rattling in her chest. So we did a breathing treatment tonight before bed, and I’m hoping she can get cleared up & well really quickly. I would hate for her to be sick on her birthday on Monday!

And here’s just one more cute photo of her from drop-off at school this morning.

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