Independence Day

The day started off slow, with Emmie sleeping till about 7:45, and we finally got out of bed around 8am. The boys requested lemon poppyseed muffins for breakfast, so thats what they got! I expected these 12 muffins to last a couple of days, bit they were all gone by 3pm today!

Jeff and the boys then ran out the door to make a 10am movie at the last minute at the cheap theater. But when they got there, they found out the website hadn’t been updated and the movie wasn’t actually until 2:30. But they lucked out and were given free tickets for the mix-up. So they came back home and we all hung out together instead. After lunch time, we spent some time in our fancy backyard pool!

After pool time, Emmie had a bath, a bottle, and went down for a nap, and Jeff & the boys went back to the movie theater. The movie before theirs was late though, and so their movie started like 45 minutes late! Crazy pants. While Emmie napped, I watched Netflix and cleaned up the living room and kitchen.

After she woke up from her nap, we had a quick little patriotic photo shoot of Emerson.

Then she and I headed over to my Aunt Suzanne & Uncle Keith’s house to hang out with my Grandmommie. My parents also came, and Jeff & the boys came after their movie finally ended. We all had a delicious 4th of July dinner, and enjoyed being together!

After dinner, Daddy took the boys with Uncle Keith & Aunt Suzanne to see the fireworks in Southwood tonight. I’m watching netflix, and Emerson is now asleep. I have her noise machine on a notch louder tonight, hoping to drown out all the loud outside noises. I currently have anxiety though about all the hoopla going on outside, and saying lots of extra prayers Emmie sleeps through it all! Say a prayer for her with me, won’t you?

We had a great day today and I loved getting in all the extra family time. Emerson turns one in just five short days, and I wanna squeeze every single second I can with her. It was good to all be together!

Hope y’all had a Happy 4th with your friends & families too!

And here’s to only two more work days before the weekend!

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