Friday Night Biscuits

The letter this week for Emerson was “F,” so last night we dug around in her room looking for something for show & tell. She decided to bring a French fry and Marshall from Paw Patrol who’s a firefighter. And both girls were just as sweet and happy as always!


I got really cute pictures of Emmie at school today!

When I picked up the girls after school, Emerson was looking like an absolute ragamuffin, having just come back inside from playing in the rubber mulch on the playground. She was super sweaty and had black smudges from the rubber all over her face and hands and shoes. I sent her straight to the bathroom to wash up as much as possible, while I got started on dinner.

Baby Sister was just super happy to be home, and wander around the house with Daddy!

Once Emerson was cleaned up a little bit, she came back and helped me with dinner stuff. Last week, I saw a recipe video on TikTok that looked so good I immediately switched over to my Walmart app to add the ingredients to my grocery order. And we made it for dinner tonight – cream cheese & sausage biscuits! I searched the web to find a blog-based version of the recipe, just to check the directions, so if you’re interested, click here for the one I used. And they were delicious!


Jeff was folding clothes after dinner, and Emmie went and just plopped right down in his lap and he continued working. It was very sweet. But she was so stinky! So I let Jeff finish that load, then gave him Addie, and took Emmie to get a shower.

This teeny tiny girl can still wear these same pajama shorts she’s had forever, that are literally 12-month size shorts! For a 1-year-old, that still fit my 4-year-old!

She wanted me to put the curly cream in her hair like I always put in mine after a shower, so we tried it out tonight. It smelled so good on her, and made her hair even curlier than usual.

Jeff and Addison both fell asleep together while Emmie and I watched a little bit of “Raya” on Disney+ and I let her have a dessert snack.

We went back to her room and went through her bedtime routine and she went down relatively easy for us tonight, after lots of sweet loves and snuggles and hugs.

I went back to the living room to give Addie a bottle and then she instantly fell back asleep again. Jeff ran to Walmart really quickly because we accidentally ran out of diapers (we literally have one diaper in our entire house right now), and he’s on his way back home now.

Feeling super tired and exhausted again tonight, so heading off to bed soon to get some good sleep tonight.



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