Unicorns & Polka Dots

Today was “wear your favorite color” day to school, and of course Emerson chose pink! And a pink unicorn, at that! Addison was a polka dot girl of many colors today, since she doesn’t have her own favorite color yet 😉

Today was ballet day for Emmie, and I loved seeing these photos of her playing with her friends in their leotards, after getting changed but before ballet started. So sweet!

Please look closely at this photo, I’m pretty sure Addie was trying to blow raspberries 🙂

Dinner tonight was meatloaf, mashed potatoes and broccoli. And Emmie had some sort sort of purple grape drink Jeff made her with one of those flavor squeeze-y things in it, but it looks like brown muddy water in her water bottle… blah…

Both girls needed a bath tonight, so they splashed and played together for a while, and Emmie put a toy on her head and squealed “She’s a star head baby!!”

This week has been all about the letter “F” at school, so Emmie is supposed to bring in something that starts with an F for show & tell tomorrow. So this was her digging through her entire pile of stuffed animals, looking for her one stuffed fish, and never finding it, but just making a giant mess instead…

We had Addie-girl with us back there, so once Emmie picked out a bedtime book, and grabbed her gogurt for a snack, we just stayed back there to read and go through the bedtime routine with all three of us.

But she needed a second snack, so she grabbed a string cheese, and picked a second book too.

After Emmie’s bedtime, Jeff fed Addie her bottle while I washed dishes, and Addie just conked out immediately once she was finished.

I am utterly exhausted tonight, just feeling run down after a stressful day at work and a few busy days in a row, and I really need to get some good sleep tonight. Praying all of us sleep well tonight, actually!


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