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Welp, Little Miss Addison seems to have officially started her 4-month sleep regression. She’s woken up in the middle of the night around 1am for a bottle for a few nights in a row now. She has also started trying to roll over in her sleep, and constantly busts out of her swaddles. So, looks like time to stop the swaddles! This was this morning after I completely un-velcro’ed her swaddle, when she was getting fussy, then she rolled over like this and went back to sleep for a while, until we got her up to get ready for school.

But we did get both girls up and ready for school, and we had an easy drop-off, just like normal these days. This little side-part-pony appears like it’s becoming her favorite and my signature hair-style, which is good, since it’s pretty easy to do, and quick on a school day.

Baby Sister was a little serious this morning and wouldn’t give me her usual smiles, but she did of course eventually give her sister some smiles before we left her classroom.

Art time for the VPK kiddos.

After picking up the girls from school, Jeff met us for dinner. He’s not crazy about sandwiches (which I really don’t understand), but I love Hopkins (my absolute favorite sandwich shop in town), and he agreed tonight 😉

After dinner, I headed out to church for praise team rehearsal, and Jeff took the girls on home. I had plenty of time before I needed to be at church though, so on a whim, I pulled into Nuberri and treated myself. I used to go there all the time back in like, 2010-2013 when they first started popping up all over town. I would almost always get the taro flavor topped with fruit, and that’s what I got again tonight. My first bite tonight was so nostalgic (it’s been years since I had it!), and I loved it!

Jeff fed Addie a bottle at home, and tried to get both girls to sleep while I was still at church. Addison fell asleep in her swing for a quick 30-minute nap, but Emerson wouldn’t actually go to sleep. So when I got home, both girls were sleepy, but fighting sleep.

I took Emmie back to her room to sing “Jesus Loves Me” and give her lots of snuggles, and then she finally gave in and stayed in her room to sleep. I loved and cuddled Addie for a few minutes, and then got her swaddled up and laid down. But then I remembered about her rolling and her busting out of the swaddles, so I re-did it and fastened it under her arms, to try to get her used to a new way of sleeping. She fought for a while, and wasn’t quite sure about it, but I sat right there next to her, and she had fallen asleep completely within 10-15 minutes.

This post is way later tonight than usual because of all of tonight’s activities pushing our schedule back, so it’s my bedtime now for sure!

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