Roasted Peanuts

I’m ridiculously tired tonight (Addie has been going through a slight sleep regression the last few days, or maybe just a growth spurt – she’s been waking up around 1am for a bottle, when she used to sleep through the entire night), and it’s already a little later than usual, so here goes a quick recap…

Super easy drop-off at school this morning, even after a slightly late & chaotic start at home.

She found one of my old headbands (from college, like 12 years ago!), and she insisted on wearing it. And then it broke halfway through the day…

This little balding baby looks so much like her big sister at this age!

My sister walked over to my office building from her office building a few blocks away, so we could eat lunch together. And we had a great time as always! It was so bright though, I could barely keep my eyes open to snap a photo.

And in case you’re wondering, I am definitely still taking an extra jar of cold coffee to drink every afternoon, and yet I’m still exhausted.

Tried a new thing for dinner tonight, with this soup starter kit I just stumbled on in Walmart a few weeks ago. And it was so simple and delicious! Just add liquid, tomato sauce & chicken, plus you know me and of course I added onion, then we topped it with tortilla strips. We did some plain cheese quesadillas on the side, and it was yummy and easy.

Addie had some more veggies again tonight, and she did pretty good with it again.

Remember a few weeks ago when we boiled some peanuts my work friend gave me from their peanut farm? Well tonight, she brought in some more, and we tried roasting them. They didn’t turn out quite right, but it was a fun experiment 🙂

I did Emerson’s bedtime routine with her, and Jeff fed Addison her night time bottle. Emmie went to sleep sweetly tonight, but Addie is fighting sleep and still trying to stay awake…

I got most of the dishes, and all of the bottles, washed, and now I’m going to head off to bed soon, because I’m ready for sleep!




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