Addie’s First Veggies

Another Monday, another start to a new week. And my girls were just as happy and sweet as ever!


Both girls had a good day at school, but they were both so excited to see Mommy when I picked them up. I made “spaghetti” for dinner, although I used rigatoni instead of spaghetti. (I rarely ever use actual spaghetti noodles…) I had ordered a head of romaine lettuce for salads for the week, but it was half rotten and super nasty, so I threw the whole thing away, and we skipped our veggies tonight and just had pasta and garlic bread. (When the music started playing on the record tonight, Emmie started dancing and said, “This is Fleet Mac!”)

Jeff, Emmie and I may have skipped our veggies, but Addie was the exception, and she tried her very first baby food veggies tonight! She obviously didn’t quite know what to do, but after a few bites, she started to figure it out, and eventually seemed to halfway know what she was doing. We really only gave her about 10 tiny bites total, but it was a good start!

Make sure to pay close attention towards the end of the video, and you can hear a slight little laugh out of Addison, who just thinks her big sister is hilarious. She of course was laughing a lot more than this, until I got the video rolling…



Emmie was a hot, stinky, sweaty mess, so she hopped in the shower after dinner to get cleaned up really quick. Especially those stinky little girl feet! She was worried I was brushing her curls out after the shower, and wanted me to take a picture to show her I got her hair to curl back up again, just like always.

Addie was getting hungry for some milk, and we think she’s possibly also teething a little bit already, and she was just steading chewing on Daddy’s thumb.

I fixed her a bottle, and Jeff fed Addie while I snuggled on the couch with Emmie and her Gogurt.

Addie fell asleep not too long after finishing her bottle, and I got Emmie ready for bedtime and we went through that usual routine. Then I grabbed Addison so Jeff could go love Emerson before bed. I held her for a few minutes, until I made myself get up to wash dishes and bottles, so I swaddled and Boppied her.

Jeff has been working on folding some of the piles of clean laundry you might have noticed around our dining room and living room, so I’m gonna go grab a basket and help fold some too, while we watch an episode or two of Brooklyn Nine Nine. We’ve recently re-started the series, and it’s just as funny if not funnier the second time around.



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