Latte Art

My beautiful girl, wearing an adorable new dress for church this morning, and carrying the goodie bag from yesterday’s Princess Party as today’s purse.

Emmie and her friend Elly were actually wearing the same dress today! We bought a two-pack of dresses for Elly’s birthday, and we had to buy the same ones for Emmie too, and they both showed up wearing the the same one this morning!

Lunch at SmashBurger with the family after church, and my mushroom swiss burger was delish.

I hadn’t had any coffee yet, so we stopped into Lucky Goat. And although I spaced out (due to lack of caffeine I’m sure) and forgot to order my latte iced, it looked beautiful, and was still super yummy.

Precious baby sister, all dressed up for church this morning too!

And this next photo is when big sister came in, and baby wouldn’t stop looking at her then.

Emerson laid down for her nap, we fed Addie a bottle, and she fought sleep with me, but she couldn’t fight any more once I put her in the swing with the noise machine and a blanket.

She woke up long enough for us to transfer her to the car seat, and then we all headed out to Grammy’s house for some family time and dinner together.

Right when it was time to load up and go home, the deer showed up for their dinner. Emmie grabbed her cup of corn and threw it out in the yard for the mama and the baby.



Quick potty break before heading home, and the counter top is so tall, she has to sit up on top of it to wash her hands.

Aunt Suzanne gave us this cute new book today, so we read it at bedtime, while Emmie ate her nightly Gogurt.

I just fed Addie another bottle, and Jeff washed up all the others, and now he’s trying to get her to go to sleep, but she’s fighting again. She’s getting a little bit of baby FOMO lately, and has been taking mostly power naps instead of those nice long newborn naps, but at least she’s still been sleeping really well overnight! Fingers crossed I didn’t just jinx that…

Update – Daddy got her to sleep 🙂


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