Princess Party

For some reason, I didn’t photograph our day as much as I usually do… we made scrambled eggs and crescent rolls for breakfast, and then spent a few hours doing chores and laundry and yard work, so I just wasn’t taking photos during all of that…

Baby Addie didn’t want to nap very much today, so she spent most of the day just staring at us instead of sleeping…

Even this photo of her actually sleeping was a very short-lived moment in the day.

But her wide-awake-ness meant we could get some good photos of our four-month-old! She actually turned four months last weekend, but since we were out of town and I hadn’t packed this blanket, we had to wait until today for some free time and good sunlight in the house. At her appointment a few days ago, she weighed11lbs 14oz (still tiny, in the 7th percentile), and was 25″ long (the 71st! percentile!), and far exceeding her monthly milestones. She’s smiling so much and has started laughing more too, and is still the best baby sister ever.

After nap time, Jeff stayed home with Addison, and I took Emerson to birthday party for one of her little church friends, Elly. (The driver of the Jeep in the first photo below.) Another of her church friends Addy was there, plus a few more little girls, and they all had a blast, dressed like princesses, playing and doing all the little girl things!



Emmie and I made a quick trip to the Thomasville Road Walmart after the party (which is not our usual Walmart), and boy was I surprised to find a Claire’s in there! We stopped in to look around, and I got two packs of earrings and Emmie picked out a pack of bracelets that were on clearance for $1!

We had a little bit of down time when we got home. Then I sent Jeff and Emmie out to get some take-out for dinner and drop off a load of things at Goodwill, and I stayed home to feed Addie and have some quiet rest time for myself.

After dinner, I got the girls bathed and in their jammies while Jeff put away all the yard tools that were still out and about. We had some couch cuddles and then did the bedtime routine with Emerson. She was exhausted from our big afternoon, and bedtime was easy. Addie also fell asleep really easily, and is sleeping sweetly on her Boppy.

I need to wash up the bottles and then paint my fingernails, plus, we have a few loads of clean laundry that we need to fold and put away.





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