Chicken, Eggs, & A Police Officer

I swear, September always has the most beautiful sunrises! The air was even a little cooler this morning, and it was a glorious morning!

Today, “E” was for “EGG” which is so appropriate for this girl, who loves eggs in every version – scrambled, boiled, devilled, and her favorite – “salad eggs!”

And sweet little baby sis was just as chill as can be, as usual!

OK, there’s something about seeing Emerson work on her little VPK school work, with a real pencil that just make her seem SO BIG! Practicing her letter E and her number 4, she’s just getting so grown up!

And would you just look at my tiny police officer!? I love this so much!

I love this photo of her whole class with her teachers out on the playground. She’s one of the “big kids” at school now!

We got Chick-fil-A for dinner on the way home from school today, to make things as quick and easy as possible. We all ate dinner together, with Baby Sister watching.

Turns out, Emerson decided she wanted Daddy’s sandwich more than her nuggets, so he let her eat the last 1/4 or so of his sandwich.

Then I took the girls outside to play in the carport for a little bit, while Jeff started on some yard work. He did the weed-eater first, but then once he started the lawnmower, we went back inside since it would have been too loud for Addie-pie.

Addison has been chewing on her hands a lot lately, and we think it’s possible she’s teething. So I was trying to get her to start chewing on this little teething ring tonight, and have her practice grabbing stuff with her tiny hands. She liked it a little bit, but wasn’t completely sold on the whole activity.

I got both girls changed into their jammies, and Emmie grabbed a frozen Gogurt, and we headed back to her room for the bedtime routine. Since Jeff was still outside, Addie came with us, and just watched Emmie’s every movement.

Addison was starving and crying by the time we finished with Emerson, so I fixed her a bottle as soon as I left Emmie’s room. She guzzled it down in no time flat, and then after trying to watch tv for a few minutes, she fell fast asleep. I flipped her around towards me, she readjusted and settled in, and ended up grabbing my dress and staying like that for the next 30 minutes. And I loved it!

Jeff finished mowing the back yard, but he’ll have to do the front yard tomorrow. It’s been weeks since he mowed, and our yard is like an actual hay field right now! He’s done now though and showered and cleaned up, both girls are asleep, and I’ve been watching an episode of “Manifest” while writing. It’s late though, and almost my own bedtime now, so I’m gonna head off to bed and read for a little bit before I go to sleep.


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