Eight Year Anniversary

Today was rainy and dreary, but as always, these girls were the bright spot in my morning!

And today is mine and Jeff’s 8-year wedding anniversary! We’re already planning to go out for dinner Saturday night, but we also decided to go ahead and have a quick lunch date today too. We went to Siam Sushi and it was delicious. We ordered spring rolls for our appetizer, I tried Thai Iced Coffee for the first time (which was strong and sweet), and we both loved the ginger dressing and the sushi rolls we chose. I was too full though, and couldn’t even finish mine!

My sweet little girls had good days at school, and we even increased the size of Addison’s bottles today, and her teachers said she did really well with that.

For dinner at home tonight, I tried to do something a little different than usual, a little bit more fancy than usual, so I made roasted salmon and asparagus, with basmati rice. Honestly, the salmon was fine, but not great, and not as good as the Costco pesto/dill salmon Nita bought the other day.

On the way home, I told Emerson what I was going to cook, and she said, “I only want my ‘sparagus cold and lonely and not cut.” This stems from a “farm-to-table” fruits and veggies taste-test her class did a few months ago when she tasted a piece of most-likely-raw asparagus, and still remembered that. I gave her a tiny piece of the roasted stuff tonight, and she wasn’t impressed. She also doesn’t like salmon, so she mostly jut had her Newk’s leftovers from Sunday.

Our sweet little family on our eighth anniversary!

Bath time for silly girls after dinner, and this little squish just still loves every minute of being in the water in the bath tub. She squeals and kicks and coos the whole time, and comes out squeaky clean with this giant smile!

Emerson went back for more sandwich after bath time, plus a Gogurt and some gummies. I swear she’s always in need of a snack…

And Addison fell asleep in my arms after just a bit of fighting…

Emmie actually had a really rough bedtime again tonight, so Jeff and I took turns being with her and working through that hoopla, and we got Addie fed another bottle and back to sleep. It took a long time to go through all that, and then I washed the dishes, so this post was written much later than usual tonight, but I’m ready to go sit down and chill for just a tiny bit before I go to sleep…

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