Racing Gloves

Today was “GO PINK” day at Growing Room, so both my girls were wearing hot pink, and so was I! (Forgot to take a picture of myself though…)

Super simple dinner tonight, but it went over well and all the plates were cleaned. Only poor baby sister was grumpy tonight and kind of fussing/crying on & off while cooking/eating.

We went out to the carport after dinner for Emerson to enter some “bicycle races” with her “racing gloves.” I brought Addie outside with us, and she was in the best mood then, just watching her big sister play, squealing and giggling and all of us having a good time!

When it was time to go inside, I got Addie in her jammies, and Emmie “set up her play spot,” which she loves doing lately, and it’s so sweet and cute. Emmie then shows Addie all of the things and talks to her about all of it, like this “learning block” with letters.

Unfortunately the video isn’t very great because of the lighting and the focusing problems, but it is still really sweet.



Emerson had some more rice for her bedtime snack, and we watched a read-aloud-book-video on YouTube, so I could spoon-feed her and avoid spilling a million grains of rice all over her bedroom.

Emmie had kind of a rough bedtime after that, but when I got frustrated, Jeff took over and got her calmed down and finally to sleep. Meanwhile, I fed Addison a bottle and she then promptly fell back asleep on my shoulder. I held her for a while, and then took her back to her room for bedtime too.

I washed part of the dishes earlier, then Jeff washed up a bunch of silverware, and now I’ll go finish up and wash the bottles and then head off to bed soon myself.


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