Dinner & Dessert

My little girl is just the happiest baby. She’s constantly smiling and laughing, and she’s started doing this cute little crazy thing with her tongue, and it’s hilarious. When I first put her down on the squishy mats this morning, her teacher grabbed that phone to play with her, but instead, Emerson took off her shoe, put it up to her face, and I swear she said, “Hello!?” Me and both her teachers thought that’s what it sounded like!

The boys specifically requested Burrito Boarder for dinner tonight, as their choice for their “birthday dinner,” even though it was a few weeks ago while they were back in South Carolina with their mom. (Wow, that was a super long sentence.) Anyways, we told them they could pick whatever they wanted, and they just wanted some simple tacos! I think part of the appeal for them though, are the multiple video game consoles set up around the restaurant, open & waiting for free playing. Jeff’s parents also joined us as well, so we had some Pullen family time.

They also requested dessert at Dairy Queen, and we didn’t mind that either. Emerson especially loved sharing an ice cream cone with Nana, although we’re not sure who actually ate more of it. Ryan requested I take a photo of our Blizzards together, so below is a photo of his M&M Blizzard, and my S’mores Blizzard. So good!

After dinner, Emerson got a bath, and then each of the boys decided they needed a soak as well. So they each took turns taking a bath as well. How many 12-year-old boys just want to relax in the bathtub? These boys crack me up sometimes. Oh, and a few other random questions from Ryan from the week – “Which Marvel Superhero would you be?” I chose Black Widow. “What two superpowers would you want?” I chose super speed for one, but couldn’t think of a second one. And one I couldn’t think of an answer for – “If you could only play one video game for the rest of your life, what would it be?” (In case you don’t notice a theme, questions typically center around technology, superheros, and just general boyish randomness.).

And now that my episode of Gilmore Girls is over, and the boys are out of their baths, we’ll all go cuddle up on the couch together and watch some random stuff on Netflix before bedtime. Looking forward to Friday, and ultimately the weekend!

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