Brusha Brusha Brusha

Emmie went back to the dinosaurs this morning!

For lunch, I had some more leftovers from the weekend parties – pimento cheese croissants, buffalo chicken dip, and angel food cake. Totally not healthy, but super delicious. And plus, I’m a firm believer in leftovers, and not wasting food, soooo….

Also, I finished that book in the photo on my break. It’s the third in the “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” trilogy, and I thought it was the best of the series. Super cute. Totally outside my normal genres (I typically avoid high school romance things at all cost), but I read it before watching the Netflix movie, and it was actually really cute.

Now here are a bunch of great photos from her teachers today! I love days like this where we get so many fun photos of my girl just enjoying her day, and being happy at school!

Playing dress-up…

Apparently Emerson and her friend both wanted the chair, so they decided to share it!

Just hanging out in the middle of the slide…

Just hanging out on the toy shelf…

This baby girl loves to climb!

She was blowing her nose like a big girl…

In comparison of her school photos from today, here are some photos from her teachers last year, when all she could do was roll around! She had rolled herself across the classroom to get it the bookshelves. Like Mommy like daughter!

After school and work, we met the family at Chick-fil-A for dinner before church. Emmie had her own kids meal, and ate all four nuggets, plus fruit, fries, a few bites of sandwich, and then her and Pepaw shared some ice cream.

We started learning a couple new songs at choir tonight, and this was one of them. At first, we all thought it looked it a little boring, but then we sang along with the recording, and we ended up really liking it. It’s a beautiful song! It actually gave me chills while singing it tonight. Listen here on YouTube.

After the nonsense with my Walmart grocery order last week, I placed a new one to be picked up tonight. So Jeff went by Walmart after church, while I went on home to get Emmie ready for bed. We did jammies and lotion, and then brushed our teeth. Then Daddy got home, and we read our bedtime books all together.

I love so many things about this precious baby, and one of those things are her tiny hands. Look at how sweet these teeny hands are in these three photos. Eek! I just love them so much.

Wednesdays are always long, late days after church, so by the time I finish writing my blog, it’s almost bedtime for me too. Tonight is no exception, so I’m sure I’ll be heading off to bed soon. Night!

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