Space Heater

Surprisingly, I only took two photos first thing this morning at drop-off. I was kind of in a hurry, so I didn’t stay as long, and Emmie was being clingy anyways. But she went to Ms. Q very sweetly, and was fine when I left!

Ok, now here are five photos her teachers sent yesterday, but I forgot to share in my hastily written blog post. The one of her and her 3 friends looks like teenagers hanging out after school, and it’s just too much!

And look at this goofy girl and her friend rolling around class today!

And of course she had a special field trip up to see Aunt Meggie today, and had to share her water with her. Emmie is obsessed with drinking from straws, and always has to have some of whatever it is if she sees you drinking out of a straw.

Aunt Meggie even put her to work for a while, and had her carry this box out to her car for her!

When I got there after work, Emerson was walking around to all the classrooms with Aunt Meggie, doing the afternoon count. She loves to help. So she didn’t want me to carry her out, and even had to carry her own bag.

And Meggie had to come all the way to the car with us again today, before Tater Tot was ready to tell her goodbye.

She ate really well at dinner, and even tried salmon for the first time! She only had one bite of it, but she picked it up on her own, out it in her mouth, and didn’t spit it out. So I call that a win in toddler-hood. (She mainly had leftover chicken nuggets, while we had salmon.)

We played for just a few minutes after dinner, and then headed off for bath time, followed by pre-bedtime reading.

Daddy did all the reading again tonight, and we thought she wanted him to put her to sleep. So I said her prayers and asked I turned to leave, she reached for me and decided she wanted me instead. I of course didn’t mind, so I settled in for loves and snuggles.

I rocked her for about 25 minutes, and tried to put her down three separate times. Each time though, she popped back up and started to cry. After the third time, Jeff came back and took over (I had asked her, “do you want Daddy?” And she nodded her little head), and after only about 10 minutes he was able to get her to stay in her bed. I think he just puts out so much heat (I refer to him as my personal radiator or space heater), it gets her all warm and sleepy and she can’t fight it anymore. Whatever the case, it worked, and she’s been asleep for about 30 minutes now.

I finished up all the dishes while he got her to sleep, and now it’s time for some reading, followed by some Netflix. And probably some hot tea and a snack. Night friends!

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