Dinosaurs & Croissants

Y’all, I don’t really feel like talking/typing much tonight (you know I just have those days sometimes), so let’s hit the high notes and then I’m outta here…

Emmie loves to play with dinosaurs at school.

I had hot tea at work today…

And leftovers from the weekend for lunch. (ham & cheese croissants, caprese, and chocolate chip cookies.)

Emmie was helping Meggie at the front desk when I got there to pick her up after school.

And then Meggie had to walk to the car with us, and Emmie was sad when she left us.

She was wearing her sippy cup labels as bracelets, eating saltines for an appetizer, and watching silly animal videos with Daddy while I cooked dinner. Then she put on Daddy’s shoes, and got busy in her food truck.

We got her ready for bed, and then she played a little more.

Look closely, so you can see her toes peeking out…

She wanted lots of bedtime snuggles tonight, so I rocked and loved her for about 20 minutes. She gave me lots of sweet kisses, and just melted my heart. But then she got mad when I laid her down. So Daddy had to come in and rock her for about 15 minutes too.

And now it’s time to just curl up in the quietness, and get some more rest. Night friends!

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