Superbowl Sunday

Baby Emmie woke up early today, around 6:30. For reference, I didn’t have an alarm set until 7:30. But we got up early and she was super sweet and chill, and I love spending time with her.

On the way to church, she was drinking her ice cold water, and making all sorts of funny faces. Her funny faces are my favorite.

After church, she took her shoes off in the car, and her little feet were actually stinky! I made a big show of sniffing her toes, and over-reacting, and she thought it was hilarious. Then she started sniffing her own toes, which I thought was hilarious, and it was just all so funny.

After lunch at home, she and I both napped for about 1½ hours. She woke up super happy and ready to play, but I was still really tired and groggy, since I didn’t actually nap all that well. (I’m really not very good at naps.) But once I woke up some more, we had some good play time together!

She had some crazy bed head after her nap, and it was so adorable! I was loving it!

Then we loaded up and went to Jeff’s parents house to watch the Super Bowl eat all the foods. (Honestly, I had almost no idea it was even this weekend, until like, yesterday.)

There are quite a bit of Ryan and Gabe’s old toys there from when they were younger, and Emmie loves to dig through the toy baskets to find new stuff. Tonight she found Iron Man and The Hulk, and was loving them. At one point, she held The Hulk on her shoulder, and patted his back while saying, “baby.” So funny, and so sweet!

I personally didn’t watch even 2 seconds of the game, but Jeff watched a little with his dad. We left pretty early though, so we could get Tater Tot ready for bed. She was really clingy to Daddy today, so he did the reading and the putting to bed, and I just did the praying and the smooching.

Although while reading “Dada,” she would like up at me like this every time we would make the animal noises. Oh, this sweet little face just melts my heart!

I’m feeling a little under the weather after a busy weekend. Maybe I have a slight cold coming on? Either way, I’m exhausted and not feeling all the great, so I’m sure I’m going to bed soon, so I can get some extra rest.

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