A Flamingle & A Wedding

This morning started out with a women’s ministry event at my sister’s church. (Actually, before that, sweet Emerson fell asleep with Daddy while watching Moana while I was getting ready. So sweet!) The theme for this one was “Let’s Flamingle” and they had all sorts of cute tropical-ish decor. They do 3 of these events are year, and usually me, my mama, Grandmommie and Aunt all go. Today it was just me & Aunt Suzanne, as mom & “gmom” had other obligations. But Megan’s church always hosts great, spirit-filled events, and I’m glad I was able to go this morning.

Emerson then took a 2.5 hour afternoon nap, while daddy played on the computer, and I watched some episodes of “Nashville.” Then we got pretty-ed up, and went to a wedding in Thomasville for two of our friends from church. It was a beautiful wedding, at this beautiful old church.

It was a great day, but now we’re all exhausted! Emerson fell asleep in the car, then went straight to bed when we got home, and Daddy went not long after her around 9pm. So now I’m starting season six, episode one of “Nashville” on Hulu, with my feet propped up.

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