We’re Halfway There!

The baby triplets weren’t there at the same time as us this morning, which made Emmie a little sad, but she still had a good drop-off, even with out them. And she looked super cute and nice & warm in this new outfit Nana got her for Christmas.

Baby and I are now halfway there!! At 20 weeks pregnant, Baby is the size of banana, from head to toe. Baby now has taste buds and might even be sucking it’s tiny thumb in there. My app says baby is kicking up a storm in there, but honestly, I’ve only just barely felt it. With Emmie, my placenta attached on the front instead of the rear, which made it more difficult to feel the kicks until later on, and it’s possible that the same thing happened this time as well, which is why I’ve only felt a few slight flutters. But the BIG news, is that at 8am tomorrow, I have an ultrasound with the high risk doctor to do the anatomy scan, which means we’ll finally find out the gender!! And I couldn’t be more stinking excited!!!

I brought some of last night’s leftovers for lunch today, and it was just as delicious. We ate all of the creamed spinach last night, so unfortunately there was none of that, but since I had fewer things and a smaller potato, I actually ate every single bite of this. Yum! Gonna have to make this meal again very soon.

My girl had a good day today, ate lots of good food, and had a nice 1 hour 55 minute nap. And she was happy as a little clam when I picked her up!

I made breakfast tacos & cinnamon rolls for dinner, and it was all so good! And I feel like the portions on our plates are a perfect representation of Papa Bear (three tacos, two cinnamon rolls), Mama Bear (two tacos, one cinnamon roll), and Baby Bear (one taco, one cinnamon roll). But All of us enjoyed our meal, and cleaned our plates! Well, Emmie ate all of her taco, and half of her cinnamon roll at dinner, and then finished the other half of it at bedtime.

Little Miss Fruit Punch Mustache.

We did some calm snuggles & movie-watching after dinner, and then headed back to her room to get ready for bedtime. We read one book, did hugs, and started on prayers. And she wanted to say her own prayer tonight, so a few seconds in, I grabbed my phone again and started recording, and I’m so glad I got it on video.


Here’s the transcript of her prayer, to the best of my ability… Press play below for the sweetness 🙂

“I hope you tell them to their rake, in the morning there’ll be light, and wake me up with the light. I’m gonna make all the whole thing. I prayer your hoard… heart, that you go to sleep. The angels protect you in the night. You don’t get scared by monsters, it’s just fake. Cuz you have a dinosaur under my bed & there’s Mommy’s and Daddy’s in our house but they’re farrrr away from our room. And we have a great night. Thank you family for protect us. And every day, you go to sleep, they’ll protect you all the night. And amen.”


She was so sweet and so loving and gave us tons of hugs and kisses. But then time for lullabies came, and she started getting whiny and fussy and antsy. I was telling her she needed to be a good girl and do all this nonsense, and she was like, “I’ll do my best, but I won’t do all my best. I’ll just do my little best.”

So I guess “her little best” is as good as we’re gonna get!

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