The Best Part of Every Day

My beautiful girls before school this morning!

Emmie always checking on Baby Sister, squishing her little cheeks, and just loving on her.

These two girls with their bright blue eyes are the bright spots in my life!

While I cooked dinner, Jeff worked on cleaning our label maker, Emmie played on her Kindle, and Addie chilled in her swing.

But all that was short lived, because tonight was less than stellar… Addie was super fussy tonight, and didn’t want to be left alone. Our dinner was a fail (we don’t even need to go into it), and I ended up sending Jeff and Emmie to pick up McDonald’s and we threw everything else away. Addie kept crying for most of the time they were gone, until I finally got her calmed down, and then she decided to take her bottle.

But the McDonald’s line was long, and it took forever, so by the time they got home and we all ate, Emmie got to bed super late tonight. Well, about 45 minutes late. I was super frustrated and annoyed about the whole situation, so I had no patience left and was snapping at her, and Jeff was frustrated from dealing with a crying baby so he was snappy. And Emmie had a full-on meltdown (that we were lucky to cut short rather quickly) because I wouldn’t let her keep digging her toes into the tops of my feet (it was more painful than it sounds) …

I didn’t intend to actually write about any of that “bad stuff,” but all that to say, it just wasn’t a great night. But that’s life sometimes, and I know we all have those nights, and I don’t want to pretend that we don’t, or make it appear our little family is perfect. But anyways, we did finally get Emmie to sleep, and I washed up all the dishes and bottles and scrubbed the ceramic stovetop clean from where dinner bubbled over and then burned onto the top, all while Addie girl finally slept peacefully on her Boppy after Daddy rocked her to sleep once I finished giving her her bottle.

I thought about not blogging at all tonight, and just skipping it, but the reason I started writing every single day four years ago, was to find the good in each day. These frustrating nights (over minor, inconsequential things) will be forgotten, but we’ll look back on this time years from now, and I want to only remember the sweet moments, and that even on the rough days, my little family is still the best part of every day.


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