Double Doxies

Luckily, we still woke up to a nice, cool house this morning, so I’m glad to say our a/c is still working it’s little booty off. And my sweet little girls was just as happy as ever this morning!

For dinner, I had defrosted some chili I made and then frozen the leftovers a couple of months ago, so we just had to heat it back up tonight, and it was all ready to go. We also had some random leftover noodles, so I decided to turn it into “chili mac,” which is how some people always eat their chili I think (over noodles or rice?!) and it was actually super yummy like that!

Jeff’s parents are going out of town for a bit, so we are keeping one of their doggies, Buddy. We actually adopted both Pretzel and Buddy at the same time together, as both of them used to have the same owner, and we rescued them together. So they’re kind of like brothers! And the love each other. So Nita brought Buddy over to us tonight, to stay with us, and we’ll have double doxies for the week!

Emmie had another rough bedtime tonight, and once again, both Jeff and I had to take turns dealing with it and getting her to chill and get ready for sleep. We also took turns holding the baby sister, and she fell asleep on my shoulder, and it was hard to put her down, because she was just so squishy and cuddly!

Nita brought Buddy’s bed over and dropped it under the coffee table, and Pretzel made himself right at home in it tonight.

I haven’t washed dishes yet tonight, but luckily there are very few of them, plus the five bottles from today, but it still shouldn’t take me too much time to finish up.



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