Dinner with the Triplets

My sweet Emmie-cille was looking so cute, in a new adorable, summer-y outfit, and reading lots of books at drop-off this morning.MVIMG_20190612_073637MVIMG_20190612_073815MVIMG_20190612_074051MVIMG_20190612_074138MVIMG_20190612_074152You guys, this salad I made with last night’s leftovers was sooo good. With the remaining lettuce, walnuts & dressing from the bagged salad kit, I added chicken, blueberries, raisins, and some fancy shredded Parmesan cheese, and it was delicious! (Also, this book has been surprisingly good, and really cute. If you like chick-lit, rom-com type stuff, and/or Harry Potter, you’d definitely love this! I have about 30-ish pages left, and I’ll probably finish it tonight before bed, finishing it in like 36 hours total.)MVIMG_20190612_120229Here are some of the photos we got from Ms. Kristin today. I love that she’s barefoot in these first two! She’s clearly comfortable there 🙂PS2ME_06_12_19_1252019165948PS2ME_06_12_19_1252019165953PS2ME_06_12_19_12520191700PS2ME_06_12_19_12520191706PS2ME_06_12_19_125201917014PS2ME_06_12_19_125201917019PS2ME_06_12_19_1252019202032PS2ME_06_12_19_1252019202022PS2ME_06_12_19_1252019202027PS2ME_06_12_19_125201920210

Our normal Wednesday-night dinner group was mostly out of town tonight (four folks out of town), and Grandmommie was staying with Megan & the triplets tonight. Jeff was supposed to be leaving with the boys youth group camping trip (it got cancelled due to weather), which meant only Emmie and I would be at church. So instead, Megan invited Emerson and I to come visit her and the triplets and Grandmommie, so we went! (Also, we won’t be at church this coming Sunday {attending Meg’s church for the triplets’ dedication}, so I didn’t need to be at choir tonight.) And I’m glad we were able to go, because I was missing my nieces, after spending so much time with them these past four days!

I took her picture standing here in front of the garage the other day, so she just stopped here again tonight for me to do it again. So silly!MVIMG_20190612_171153MVIMG_20190612_171242Emerson was super sweet with the baby girls tonight, helping out burping, wiping & giving them their paci’s. She was always very concerned when any of them would fuss or cry, and loved to help out.MVIMG_20190612_172054MVIMG_20190612_172933MVIMG_20190612_173007MVIMG_20190612_173206MVIMG_20190612_173050MVIMG_20190612_174319Aunt Meggie was being crazy with Emmie on her shoulders, and she was laughing so hard!MVIMG_20190612_174548MVIMG_20190612_174749MVIMG_20190612_174910We made up a hodge-podge picnic dinner of leftovers, yogurt, chips, sandwiches, and some fresh (gluten free) pasta salad Meg made earlier today. I had a turkey sandwich & pasta salad, and it was so good! Emmie literally had a little of everything.MVIMG_20190612_181656She wore Uncle Bo’s shoes around for a few minutes.MVIMG_20190612_184038MVIMG_20190612_190057Ellie Grace didn’t want to hang in her rock-n-play like her sister’s, so I got some special one-on-one time with her. She was being so cute & sweet! And look at Emmie & Grandmommie in the background, checking on Riley.IMG_5712And she stopped in front of the garage door again on our way back to the car.MVIMG_20190612_190947Jeff had popped up the tent in the carport to air it out a bit, and then didn’t end up packing it back in the bag, since the trip got cancelled, so Emmie and I were surprised to see it still up when we got back home. But she had fun playing in it for a few minutes before heading inside!MVIMG_20190612_193412MVIMG_20190612_193459MVIMG_20190612_193627MVIMG_20190612_193802She wanted me to read her bedtime books, but she wanted a few snuggles from Daddy while I said her prayers.MVIMG_20190612_200034I sang her a few songs, and rocked her for a few minutes, and then she was ready to lay down in her crib. Gonna grab a quick snack, and a glass of fresh water, then get my book and finish it before bedtime!

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