Chores & Date Night

Emmie actually did really well on her air mattress last night. She fell asleep around 9:45, woke up around 1pm but Jeff said she went right back to sleep, and then slept until about 6am. They stayed in the living room though, and let me sleep in until almost 8am, and I woke up actually feeling pretty good! I made us egg sandwiches for breakfast, and she asked to “sparkle” the cheese on them 🙂

After breakfast, Grammy, Grandmommie and Nana came over to help us with our last Saturday of chores before Addison arrives. Jeff went out to mow the front yard while we all split up and did other stuff, and he took this of this beautiful morning glory flower, that crept over on this vine.

I didn’t take any photos while we were working, but we were very productive and crossed quite a few things off the chore list. Emmie took a short one-hour nap, Nana and I rested while Jeff showered, and Grammy and Grandmommie headed home, but not before Grammy gave Emerson her new Baby Yoda suitcase she got her!

Nana’s main chore today was fixing up the nightstand we finally got (thanks to an old church friend who save my FB post and reached out when they had an extra one to sell), so she cleaned it off and lightly sanded it and chalk painted it and even waxed it. She worked so hard on it, and it turned out great!

The room is almost completely done, so I am waiting to share photos until Monday or Tuesday when we put the very last finishing touches on everything.

Emerson went home with Nana for the afternoon and evening, and had fun on the playground, and eating Chinese food for dinner and popsicles for dessert.


And while Emmie was with Nana, Jeff and I ran some errands (TJ Maxx, Target & Marshall’s), and then went on a little date night to dinner at Texas Roadhouse (with gift cards!), to celebrate his birthday early, since it’s two days after Addie arrives. We got a few of the little decor items and knick-knacks I was looking for, and we had fun running around town just the two of us.

After allllll the things we did today though, we’re completely beat. Jeff has already fallen asleep on the couch, and it’ll be my bedtime any minute now.

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