Triple Threat

The color of the week at school is pink, and today was pink day. So not only were both my girls wearing pink, but I wore pink as well, which really pleased Emerson 🙂

Baby Sister smiles at Emerson more than almost anyone else, and couldn’t you just melt at this sweetness?!

All week, Emmie has wanted me to put Addie on this little ocean water floor mat in the mornings. But there was always another baby there or Addie wanted to sleep, but we finally did it today, and they both loved it!

Mama, Megan and I all went out to lunch together today. Mine and Meg’s last two lunch dates had been less than impressive food-wise for her, so we wanted to make sure today was better. We went with a tried and true choice she knew she would love – Maria Maria’s, and it was of course delicious. And of course the three of us had a great time together! The triple threat guac, salsa & queso was the perfect starter for the tres amigas, and my chicken fajita quesadilla was delicious.

Aunt Jane found some cute sparkly unicorn hair clips for Emerson, and Mama brought them to me today at lunch for her. And Emmie loved them! They’re super cute!

We did our new usual routine again tonight… Emmie and I ate our meatloaf, mashed potatoes and broccoli together, and Jeff held Addie while she slept in his arms. And wouldn’t you know it, he fell asleep too.

Jeff and I traded, me taking Addie and him eating dinner, and I got both girls in their jammies and ready for bed. I kept calling Addie my “baby cupcake girl” and then Emmie said she was the “strawberry girl” since she had her strawberry nightgown on. Emerson then decided I would the “cotton candy Mommy” (for unknown reasons), and that Jeff was the “potato chip Daddy” (also for unknown reasons).

Other funny things she’s said lately that I’ve forgotten to share:

— Okay I’ll eat a good dinner tonight, because I love that stuff. (When I told her we were having chicken & rice for dinner one night.)

— Today is the mail day, and I hope there’s something for me today, because there hasn’t been anything for me in a while. (Anyone out there who would like to send her a letter, please feel free 🙂 )

— I’ve been waiting and waiting for water day and it’s the last one and I hope it doesn’t rain. That stinky old rain. (A little louder) Jesus, don’t let it rain tomorrow! (talking about her last water day of the summer which is tomorrow)

After getting Addie in her jammies, I fed her a bottle, and us three girls sat on the couch watching Trolls together. Emmie went to bed really easily tonight, and after holding this little girl up for 30 minutes after she ate, she was ready to be swaddled and Boppied for her bedtime as well.

Heading off to rest and relax a little before bedtime, which will certainly be sooner rather than later.

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