Rolling Over

Emerson was excited for water day today (although sad it was the last of the summer), and Addison was excited to roll over for the first time!!!

I laid her down on her tummy on this little ocean mat again today, because that’s what Emmie wanted, and then three seconds later…

I looked over and little Chickpea had rolled over onto her back! I was so surprised and excited! I wasn’t even sure when that was supposed to happen, so I asked the teacher, and she said it’s usually around 3-5 months. Addie turns three months next week, so she’s a little ahead of the curve, and so obviously I’m super proud of her!!

And she was clearly very proud of herself as well!

I flipped her back over on her tummy before we left the room, and the not too long after I got to work, I got this photo of her from the school – apparently she had rolled over again!

In case you can’t tell, Emerson is the one on the floor wrapped in the star cape, with a bowl with pizza beside her, and the baby in her lap. I love seeing these photos of her playing with her little friends!

I had a great lunch today, a little bit of the leftover feta pasta, salad & garlic bread, and started a new Kindle library book, from an author I already know I really like, so I should really like this new book too.

I got stuck at work 30 minutes late today, so Jeff left the house to go pick up the girls from school. As I pulled into our carport at home, it started raining, but the sun was shining so brightly.

I was home for about 10 minutes before Jeff got back home with the girls, so I preheated the oven and got a pizza in to bake for dinner. Jeff put Addison in her Boppy and he did a couple things on his laptop while I tidied up random stuff. Then the next thing we look over, and this girl was halfway off the thing, pushing herself up with those tiny, squishy legs. Girlfriend is getting so strong!

As per our usual, Emmie and I ate together, and Jeff fed Addison in the living room. Emmie requested pears with her pizza, and then drank the syrup out of the tupperware too, haha 🙂

I scooped up my sleepy little nugget to change her diaper and swaddle her, but first I ended up just holding her for like 45 minutes, because she was so sweet and snuggly and sleepy and I just missed her so much!

I did eventually lay her down to swaddle her, once it was time to get big sister to sleep, and she was so cute with that one little arm behind her head.

Night-night sister kisses.

Emmie was so proud of herself for picking out her PJ outfit tonight, and was very excited to find this hand-me-down Barbie shirt in the back of the drawer that fit perfectly and she hadn’t even worn yet.

After dinner, she had like three bites of pizza and three bites of pear left, and she wanted to save it for her bedtime snack. So we did, and she remembered, and brought her plate back to her bedroom, and finished off every bite while I read her bedtime book!

Jeff is doing some work tonight, so I’m either going to read or watch tv, but I haven’t decided yet… Wild Friday night though, that’s for sure! 😉



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