Corn on the Cob

Meggie brought the baby girls to school early today, and as usual, all four munchkins were SO excited to see each other. The triplets went right into their class with only minimal whining from Kensley, but she got over it quick. Then Emerson however was very sad for both Mommy and Aunt Meggie to leave her, so she had a rough drop-off.

Also, I did Ellie’s hair really quickly as I got her out of the van (after putting her shoes & socks back on, since her socks were on her hands when I opened the door), and it turned out really cute!

This precious photo came from her teachers today, and I love it. I don’t know who’s hand she’s holding, but it’s still really sweet, because she loves all her little friends so much.

When I picked her up, she was in a great mood and was being so silly. She walked around the curb like she did yesterday, but then crawled up under this tiny magnolia tree and was peeking out at me like this, so goofy.

We got this card in the mail tonight, saying Grammy had made a donation to the North American Mission Board Annie Armstrong Easter offering, in her honor. It was really sweet, and Emmie thought it was very special. She even put it up on the fridge, and made Jeff fold it just the exact right way so that she could see her name on the card.

And then her and Daddy went on another walk/adventure around our house while I got dinner ready and washed up some dishes.

I put a (pre-seasoned) roasted garlic and cracked black pepper pork loin in the crockpot this morning before work. Then I just steamed some broccoli and boiled some tiny ears of corn, and viola, dinner was ready. And it was delish, and everyone cleaned their plates, and Emmie even ate a second piece of corn!

We cuddled together in the comfy “library” chairs after dinner, watching all the YouTube videos of the songs from “The Greatest Showman.” We listen to the soundtrack in the car pretty often, but she hadn’t seen any of the movie. So we watched a bunch of the videos tonight, and she was super interested in it. We both went and got our nightgowns on, cuddled for a few more minutes, and then did the bedtime routine.

She only napped for 25 minutes at school today (no idea what was up with that?), so I’m hoping she sleeps really well tonight and wakes up feeling good tomorrow! Jeff’s on a phone call with one of his side-jobs, so I’m gonna keep catching up on episodes of “This Is Us” until he’s done, take my blood sugar, then grab a snack, and then head off to bed.

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