Today we all had milk & cereal in bowls at the table, rather than from a plastic bag in the car. And she loved it! She had three little girl size bowls.

Then we played for a while until the boys woke up. She made a pillow pile on the floor, and wallowed around in it for a long time.

Then when the boys woke up and ate cereal, she sat there begging like a little puppy dog, and got Ryan to share a few bites with her.

We did some laundry & some chores, and then got dressed and went to the library. I had one book on hold to pick up, and Ryan wanted to find some books for their time here. He wasn’t sure what he wanted at first, but I recommended a book I thought he would love, and he decided to get all 4 books in the series.

This was her shushing us.

We stopped at Chick-fil-A for lunch on the way home, and then put Emmie down for her nap around 12:45. The rest of us had quiet rest time as well ,while it thundered and lightninged and poured rain outside. Some of the crazy loud thunder boomed so huge, it literally shook our entire house. Our lights flickered off multiple times, and the power even went out completely for about 3 seconds. But luckily that was all. I personally love being at home during the rain and a thunderstorm, so I really enjoyed the stormy afternoon!

It was still storming after she woke up, but we had a Walmart grocery order to pickup, so we had to get out in it! We ran into the store for a few things first, and then over the the pick-up location for our groceries.

We did some more chores at home (laundry, sweeping, teaching Ryan to Swiffer, vacuuming, cleaning, etc…), and just chilled until dinner time. We tried some new heat & eat meals from Pioneer woman for dinner – the chicken fried steak, with loaded mashed potatoes. And it was ok. Ryan really liked the steak, and we all liked the potatoes, but I probably won’t buy the steak again.

Speaking of dinner and cooking – I’d be open to anyone who wants to share some quick (under 30 minutes), easy, “kid-friendly” recipes, that are like, your tried & true stuff you make all the time. I just feel like it’s more difficult to cook for our 5-fam, and I don’t want to repeat the same 8-10 things for the next 5 weeks. So feel free to comment, text, message or whatever if you’ve got a recipe or two to share. Thanks friends!

Daddy was holding her up like this after dinner, swirling her around in big circles, and it was making me so nervous! But she was loving it and laughing so much, and the boys were laughing so much, but Mama was so anxious!

Bath time & cake jammies after dinner, followed by a few minutes of TV time.

Daddy and I read her bedtime books, I said her prayers, and then Jeff stayed to put her to bed while I washed the dishes. I finished the dishes right when he came out of Emmie’s room, so that was good timing. We bought the Blu-ray of “Captain Marvel” at Walmart today, and I’m the only one of us who hadn’t seen it yet. We are going to watch it now, with our leftover (only slightly stale but still totally delicious) movie theater popcorn from yesterday, cuddle up on the couch together. Today has been a great, somewhat-lazy, lovely family day!

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