Dadgum Golf Cart

Emerson requested cereal again for breakfast today, and it’s so easy so of course I said yes. She ate breakfast wearing only her diaper, so we didn’t mess up her church dress.

Our pastor is taking a six week sabatical, and today was the first Sunday without him. In his place however, Coach Bobby Bowden shared about his life & testimony, and it was amazing. He is 89 years old (almost 90 in just a few months!), and he still loves the Lord, and loves sharing about how he’s been blessed. He actually reminds me a lot of my Granddaddy, so I was thinking about him a lot during church. (I distinctly remember walking around town one day, {when I was high school maybe?}, with my Granddaddy wearing one of those wide-brimmed straw hats with a garnet strip of cloth with the FSU logo, and multiple people mistaking him for Coach Bowden.)

He told us one of his favorite stories / analogies, that he said he’s told hundreds of times, about wanting to hit a home run his senior year of college. Then one day he hit it far, and he was rounding the bases, and his 3rd base coach waved him towards home. He slid into the catcher who was blocking the plate and made it safe. But the first baseman yelled for them to throw the ball back, because he never actually touched 1st base. So instead of getting a home run, he was called out. He explained that 1st base is Jesus, 2nd is good works, 3rd is all the stuff we win or buy or accumulate, and home plate is heaven. But if we do all the good stuff & win all the things, without Jesus, we’ll never make it to heaven. I thought he did an excellent job.

He also said “dadgum” in his stories multiple times, and it was the best. That’s like his trademark, and it was so great hearing him just casually slip it into his stories. I loved it!

Our church recently bought a new golf cart, to ferrying members back & forth in our large parking lot. We rode on it for the first time today, and Emerson had so much fun!

We had a quick (and cheap!) lunch at Wendy’s after church before heading home. And the boys twisted our arms and we all got tiny Frosty’s. (I shared mine with Emmie.)

We got Emmie down for her nap really easily, and then I took a short cat nap myself. Then it was reading time, in the same spot from yesterday, only today it was bright & sunny, rather that stormy & thundering.

She slept for right at two hours, and then woke up in the happiest, craziest mood! She was running everywhere, acting like a happy little maniac! Her nap clearly did the trick, and she was bouncing off the walls! We did color for a few minutes right when she woke up, but once she was fully awake, she was going bananas!

She randomly took off her dress and bloomers for absolutely no reason, and ran around all crazy like in just her diaper for a while.

I made her get dressed again, and we went outside to wander around for a while and take a few photos. Then she asked for her sunglasses, so I decided to also throw a bow in her hair for a few more photos.

We all took about 10 minutes for a clean-up break, and Emmie wore her protective head gear while Ryan vacuumed. (Not because it’s that loud, but because it makes her less scared of it.) And then we had snack time, and sort-of quiet time, and Emmie tried to share her cookies & water with her baby.

Jeff & Gabe ran to pick up some pizzas we ordered, while Ryan, Emmie and I played for a few minutes on the front porch. Then Jeff’s parents came over to eat dinner with us! They had been out of town since Wednesday, so we hadn’t seen them over the long holiday weekend.

Nana & PopPop got the boys these crazy cool glasses from the Blue Man Group show they went to in Orlando, and the boys love the glasses! (If you can’t tell, they’re like neon lights that actually light up, and they flash & strobe.)

Sweet night-night kisses for bubba!

And one more snack before bedtime.

She helped with the bedtime reading tonight, and wanted to sit in the floor again. We read “Coco,” her counting cupcakes book, the book about frogs, and “Dada.” It’s really funny when she reads the cupcake book though, because she pretends like she’s taking bites out of the little 3D rubber cupcakes, saying, “yomp, yomp, yomp,” while trying to actually bite them. It’s hilarious! And Jeff and I crack up at her every time. Tonight, she also had her leg up in the air, supporting the book while she “yomped.”

She is just the silliest, weirdest, bestest little girl, and she makes me immensely happy every day. And in just two days, she’ll be two years old! This Mama ain’t ready!

And now time to watch an episode of “Stranger Things” with the fam, and pray my headache goes away before bedtime so I can sleep!

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