Sunlight & Sherbet

Soo, last night wasn’t so great – Emerson wet the bed around 4:20 (she’s only done this before a hand full of times, and it’s been so long I can’t even remember when she last did it), and then Addison woke up at 4:45, hungry and ready for a bottle. I ended up sleeping about 45 minutes late, so we were chaotic and rushed getting ready for school and work. Despite all that, both girls were sweet and happy, and we made it work!

Look at how fresh and delicious my lunch was today! I made this little side salad last night, and brought my favorite Olive Garden Italian dressing. I also brought stuff to make avocado toast to go with it, and I loved this lunch today. I’m going to have the repeat of the exact same thing again tomorrow too.

Emmie had some work on some papers to take care of when we got home, so I let her handle that while I cooked dinner.

And when I went in to turn the lights on in the dining room, the late afternoon sun coming in the window on all my houseplants just looked so pretty! September sun is the best.

After dinner time was bath time, so I took Addison back to her room to get her ready. She had been in such a great, happy mood all night, and she was still just chattering away with Mommy.



After bath, we got a fresh sheet on Emerson’s bed, and got a clean blankie, and she was very excited about it.

Addie was starving to death after bath, and sucked down a bottle of warm milk in no time flat. She even held onto it herself for a while, trying to be such a big girl these days!

Princess Sherbet had some more rainbow sherbet for her “bassert” tonight, wearing her princess crown she made and watching Luca for our bedtime calm-down-time.

She picked this book to read tonight (and carrots for her bedtime snack), and when we opened it up, it had Aunt Meggie’s name in the front of it! I told her that, and said, “Why do we have this if it’s Aunt Meggie’s?” And she was like, “I think maybe she gave it to me when I was a baby!” So Aunt Meggie, thanks for loaning us this, even if you didn’t know you did, since I’ve probably just had this forever in our stash of childhood books 😉

Little Addie girl fell asleep after her bottle, and stayed asleep while I snuggled and held her for a while, and then I laid her down to go wash dishes. Although it looks like her eyes are trying to peek open, she was in fact asleep, and she does this a lot, with those little slitted eyes peeking around, even in sleep.

She has actually woken up again now, and Daddy is cuddling her back to sleep. Hopefully, tonight will go better than last night, and that everyone will sleep through the night and we can all get some good rest!

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