Baby Blue’s

Addison woke up at 12:30am for a midnight bottle, I got her back in the bed around 2am, and then she woke up again at 5am for another bottle. She ended up not actually wanting to eat more than an ounce then, but fell back asleep easily enough, so I just laid her on the Boppy, and napped next to her for about 30 minutes before we had to get up for school and work.

And then we made it to school right on time, with two happy girls, and one very tired Mommy. But look at the beautiful blue eyes on both of these precious girls!

Apparently, Addison has been banned from the little swing (seen in the far right), because she somehow squirmed her way out of it yesterday, and they found her underneath it, playing with the straps on the floor! So we tried out this little chair today, with the straps tightened up as much as I could 😉

I told you I loved yesterday’s lunch so much that I was going to have it again, and I did! Today’s avocado wasn’t quite as good (how could it be starting to go bad and also still not quite totally ripe/soft all at the same time!?), but it was still yummy.

We had a frozen/baked chicken parmesan meal for dinner tonight, that was actually pretty good, for what it was. Addie slept through all of dinner, and only woke up right as we were finished eating.

Emmie ate a really good dinner (with some help from us), so she got to eat another scoop of rainbow sherbet for “bassert” again tonight. (At this point, we all call it “bassert” and I honestly don’t even know if she’s saying  it wrong on purpose, or if she still thinks that’s what it’s called?)

While Emmie had her sherbet, I fed Addie a bottle, and then we had some chit-chat time again tonight. She’s just so vocal the last few days! And again, she kills me with the baby blue’s just like her big sister’s!


Jeff was taking a late-night shower, and Addison couldn’t be laid down yet after her bottle, so she came with me for Emerson’s bedtime routine. And both girls loved it!

Emmie need some extra special attention tonight, so she curled up in our bed with Daddy, and he laid with her until she finally fell asleep and he moved her back to her bed. In the meantime, that meant I got some special one-on-one time with my baby girl too.

She fell asleep in my arms in the living room, but then by the time I tried to relocate her to her bed, she was wide awake and kept rolling around for like 10 minutes. So I went back to get her, and laid her back on the Boppy with the sound machine, and I just sat next to her and let her fall asleep on her own. And it only took her about 10 minutes before she was sound asleep.

We’ve now had two nights in a row with multiple wake-ups, so now more than ever I’m hoping for one good night with a nice long stretch of uninterrupted sleep!

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