Lazy Sick Day

Such happy, beautiful little girls! Even after another rough night with lots of wake-up’s from both girls…

After dropping the girls off at school, I ended up taking a sick day. I’ve had sinus pressure headaches and stuffy nose and cough for almost a week now, so I figured I’d run get a covid test just in case. And thankfully, it came back negative. I still wasn’t feeling well though, and figured the only way I could truly g et some rest was to take a day off work, when both girls were at school. So I just took it easy and made myself be chill and lazy the whole day. The weather was so nice today, we had our windows and doors open most of the day, and it was lovely.

I drank coffee, and played on my phone, and read and watched random news stories (including everything I could find about the Gabby Petito case), had lunch with Jeff, fell asleep on the couch, meal planned for the next month while watching Netflix, and then headed back to school to pick up the girls.

I found Big Sister out on the playground at school (look at those bright blue eyes again!!), and Baby Sister was having a bottle with her teacher.

We headed back home and played and snuggled together a bit, before Jeff took over with the girls so I could cook dinner. I had just two defrosted chicken breasts, so earlier today I literally Googled “what to cook dinner for my family with 2 chicken breasts,” and ended up making the very first recipe that came up! This was 15-minute honey garlic chicken, and it truly super quick and very delicious. (I just omitted the red pepper flakes, because Emerson is very sensitive to spice, but it would have been good with a tiny bit of a kick.) Oh and because I am who I am, I also sautéed an entire diced onion with the chicken, because I love onion. And all of us cleaned our plates and there was absolutely nothing leftover.

And Grandmommie and Aunt DB, you’ll both be glad to see we remembered the baby food tonight! We had just kinda taken a few days off after trying it last week, but we tried out the squash tonight, and she did good with it, despite the face she’s making in that one photo below! 😉

Jeff went outside to mow the front yard after dinner, and I got both girls in the bathtub and then dried and lotioned and dressed in their jammies.

Addison was exhausted  after the bath, and just slumped over in my arms and fell asleep for a little while. She took a little cat nap, and then I laid her down on her Boppy, so I could help Emerson, who was in need of another snack. Then she proceeded to eat a whole heap load of the last bit of the white rice, and completely cleared it all out all that was left.

I refilled that tiny little bowl she’s eating out of like three times.

We picked out her items for her show & tell “G” bag for tomorrow, and she picked out a book, and then we read it on the couch next to Addie, while Emerson had popcorn for yet another snack.

After getting Emerson down for bed, I fed Addison a bottle. Jeff finished up in the front yard and got things put away and hopped in the shower.

Baby Sis fell asleep after her bottle, but woke up a little while later fussing and arching her back – I think she just had some gas though, and she settled down after about five minutes or so. Jeff had been cuddling Emmie after his shower, we got her put in her bed, and then got Addie in hers, and both girls are sleeping soundly. It’s late, but I need to go wash the dishes and bottles before heading to bed…


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