Pilea Plants

Both of my girls woke up at least twice during the night again last night (not quite sure what’s going on with Emerson, but Addison is at least easy to give a bottle and get back to sleep), but both were still sweet and happy and ready for school this morning! Emerson’s “G” bag this week was filled with a guinea pig, green colored pencil, green turtle, and glasses.

And can anyone handle this little girls’ smirks lately!? We can’t!

Looks like this little girl might have a touch of eczema on her cheeks, just like Emerson has always had too. Started her on some lotions and creams per the doctors’ orders’ today (Eucerin & hydrocortisone), so hopefully we can clear that up a little bit.

I went back to work today, and things weren’t too busy, but that meant the afternoon dragged a little slowly. The sun was shining though and the weather felt great outside when we got home! (Notice – our grass is literally bahia grass, which means it’s like actual grass, and it grows super fast. Jeff has to either bag or mulch the grass when he mows, so that’s what all those lines are in the yard from him mowing last night.)

OH and I got this book in the mail today, that I won in a giveaway on Goodreads last weekend! It’s not even out yet, due to be published in November, so this is an advance readers’ copy, which is fun and I’ve never had one of those before!

We kept it simple with frozen pizza for dinner tonight, then went out to enjoy the cooler weather.

Here’s a little story about my two wildly different pilea plants. I first bought this one in the white pot (smaller one on the bottom) from Trader Joe’s. It was more full than this when I got it, but it started getting tall & “leggy,” and not growing many new shoots or leaves. So I Googled what to do – I cut off the top half of the tall center stem, rooted in water for a few weeks, and then potted it. But the pot I put it in had been outside for a while, and after a few days on the dining room table, I finally realized there were bugs in the tray of the terracotta pot, so I put it on the table outside, and just neglected it for the past couple of months…

And IT. IS. THRIVING! It’s even created a few baby plants around the bast, which is what this plant is actually supposed to do. And I’m so proud of this little guy! Now, I just need to figure out how to rehab the “original” one, because it’s still pretty pitiful.

Quick break indoors for about 10 minutes while Daddy did something loud, and then we switched from the backyard to the carport.

While Jeff took a quick break to rest and drink water, Emerson wanted to “help” in the front yard. So she grabbed her teeny little garden rake, and went and carried grass around to pile it up more.




Then I took Addison inside to change her diaper and clothes and feed her a bottle, but Emerson stayed outside with Daddy, put on her rain boots and garden gloves, and helped him for the next 45 minutes or so. They got all of the dead, dried grass picked up and piled up at the end of the property, and the yard looks so good now! And I know she’s sitting here in this photo, but Jeff said she really did actually help!

Addie fell asleep halfway through her bottle, but still finished it, and then stayed asleep on my chest for the next 30 minutes. Jeff helped Emmie get cleaned up and rinsed off since she was hot and itchy, and then got her in her jammies. I did the bedtime routine with both girls (since Addie had woken up again by then), while Jeff got cleaned up.

We’ve got lots of things planned for this weekend, and it’ll be busy. Gotta rest up tonight!


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