Sugar Hill Barn Wedding

We started out the day with egg & cheese bagels and coffee for breakfast at home. Well, Emmie’s was “deconstructed” with toast, but she loved the scrambled eggs.

And this had this crazy cute hair floof happening this morning, which I just loved.

And then my Mama & Grandmommie came over to our house to stay with Emerson for a while, so Jeff and I could attend a wedding! We drove to the Sugar Hill Barn in Thomasville, GA, and it was absolutely beautiful! With a 10:30 a.m. start time, this was the first ever morning wedding most of us had ever been to, but it was perfect. The weather was cool, and the day was beautiful, and it was one of the sweetest ceremonies. After the processional, one of the groom’s brothers & his wife sang “Say You’ll Love Me” from Phantom of the Opera, and that instantly made me start crying. Especially watching the bride’s sister crying as well!

The ceremony was outside, right next to the barn where the reception was held. We had corn bread muffins on the table as a little snack, with delicious honey. Then we had lunch & cake, and got to see the bride & groom head off towards their honeymoon!

On the way home, we pulled over at a gas station & crossed the highway to get to these beautiful wildflowers growing in the median. Although I couldn’t capture them as well in the photo, they went on for miles & miles!

And hubby wanted to take my photo too.

Meanwhile, here are some of the photos from home while we were at the wedding, as someone had fun & played hard, but also fought hard not to nap…

After we got home, we ran a few quick errands to drop off some Amazon returns at UPS, and some clothing returns at Walmart. We also went back to the toy section to grab some alphabet magnets, because Emmie has been dying to play with my fridge magnets, but they were a little too “sticky” for her. So we got her some of her own! She also tested out a vacuum cleaner while we were there…

And we had to grab a snack in the checkout line, because someone was apparently starving.

We fought with her for about 30 minutes trying to get her to go down for a real nap (and it was a hard fight), but she did finally sleep for about an hour. I put up the magnets for her while she slept, and she was very excited to check them out once she woke up!

We had dinner at home, she had fun in the bathtub, and then quickly was very fussy and ready to go back to sleep. So by 7:20, she had her milk and was in her crib!

The wedding this morning for Jordan & Olivia was so special, and we were very glad & honored to be a part of it. Tomorrow will be another fun day, with our big church-wide Thanksgiving lunch on the grounds right after the service. Looking forward to a great Sunday!

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