Primrose & Pizza

At drop-off this morning, Emerson was the first one there for a few minutes, because 2 of the kids in her class have pink eye, and were out today. So now we’re crossing our fingers & praying she doesn’t get it too! As of tonight, so far, so good.

And then today was a completely normal day at work. Things were busy, and I certainly had my hands full of times, but all in all it wasn’t too bad. And at least it was Friday! I picked up Emerson from school after work, and we grabbed a pizza on our way home. We did the drive-thru at the new Hungry Howie’s near our house, and that was super easy. But the extra time in the car made Emerson fall asleep, after her short, 50-minute nap today. But then she woke up at home in a good mood, and ready for dinner! This tiny girl ate literally an entire slice of pizza, and a little cup of Mandarin oranges! How does it still shock me that she can eat so much!? She’s a tiny little girl, but she’s really loving food now!

And now for a trip down memory lane…

On this date five years ago, we adopted our first dog, Primrose. We had only been married for a month, and we needed a dog in our married lives! So that Saturday morning, I was writing the list of chores and errands for the day, then Jeff added “go to the shelter” as an errand. I kind of thought he was joking, but we ended up there later that afternoon!

They were waiving adoption fees for anyone who donated blood, so we attempted to do so. But since we had just been out of the country (on our honeymoon in Mexico) a month before, they wouldn’t let us. But they gave us a free adoption voucher anyways, so we headed inside. By this time, it was almost 4:30 p.m., and they closed at 5. So we quickly walked through the dog kennels, not really expecting much, but then we saw this skinny little mixed Dachshund, and knew we needed to check her out. They brought her out to one of the playpens, and we instantly fell in love with her!

We walked out of there an hour or so later, with our new best friend! The collage below is one I made on her Gotcha Day a few years ago, and the photos of her by herself and then the three of us, are from that night we first adopted her.

Primrose was the very first dog of my own, and she was literally the best dog I’ve ever had. She was so sweet, loved to cuddle, and was a complete Mama’s girl. For those that don’t know, she passed away unexpectedly last August, after some tummy/intestine issues that couldn’t be fixed. She was my first girl, my first baby, and I miss this little doggie all the time!

Anyways, today was a good Friday, and now we commence the 3-day weekend!

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