Praying for the New School Year

Emerson was rocking new outfit #3 today, and looking so stinking cute! I got this romper last summer, for $2 on clearance at Walmart!! I remember it looked soooo long when I bought it (it’s 3-6month size), and I thought she would probably be 2 years old before she would fit into it. But she surprised me, and it was perfect today!

And here’s a photo of her & Aunt Meggie from yesterday… It didn’t get included in yesterday’s post, because Meg forgot to send it to me from her phone until this morning, and it was too cute not to share it now.

This morning when I went to make a pot of coffee, I realized we were out of coffee filters. Jeff had made it the last few days, so I didn’t know we were so low! So on the way to daycare, I just had to stop for an iced hazelnut coffee at Dunkin Donuts. Had to.

A few times a year, we have a book fair come set up shop in our office building, and they’re always full of great stuff, at great prices! I got these two books for Emerson, as a bundle for $7.99. I also got another bundle of two other things, but it’s a gift for someone who reads this blog, so I’ll have to keep that under wraps for now.

One of the advantages of Jeff & I driving to work separately this summer (instead of carpooling together) while the boys have been here, is getting to meet my family for dinner before church on Wednesday’s. And Emerson and I have been loving it! My family picks the restaurant every week, my mama tells me where to meet them, I tell her what I want to eat, and she orders for us! Then the food is waiting when we arrive, which is a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. Tonight we went to Newk’s, where I had half an Italian sammich, with a Caesar salad, and Emerson had a mac-&-cheese kids meal with applesauce, and milk. She’s just eating so good these days!

Then at church tonight, we all participated in a special night of prayer for schools for the upcoming new school year. Everyone got one of these book marks, and we all chose which school we each vowed to pray for during the year, then wrote it at the top. (I chose Emerson’s daycare, as did my mama, but my grandmother chose TCC, where she worked for 30 years.) We got into small groups around the sanctuary, and prayed through the list on the right side below, and different church members (from 5 years old to 65 years old!) led each topic with a prayer on the microphone. It was really special, and it’s amazing to think about how many schools & students around Tallahassee were prayed for tonight by our church! If you’re the praying type, I challenge you to pick a school, and use the photos below as a guide for the year as well!

Then we had a quick, 30-minute choir rehearsal after the prayer meeting.

And Emerson fell asleep on the car ride home.

But she perked up at home for about 15 minutes of play-time with Mommy & Daddy!

After her bottle of warm HOT milk, she calmed down and just laid in my arms ever so sweetly. But of course when I laid her down, she popped back up. She did some half-hearted fussing for a bit, but while I watched her on the monitor, she went from standing and whining, to laying silently, in just a few short minutes. And now she appears to be sound asleep.

Today was a good Wednesday, but I’m tired, so I’m going to attempt to go to bed “early-ish” tonight!

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