One Hundred

Today is my one hundredth daily journal entry since I decided to start this endeavor back on May 1st. Back then, I didn’t know if I would be able to post every day, or just a few times a week, but my goal was just to remember the good things in life. Turns out, I was able to post daily, and I’ve loved doing it, and I’m glad y’all seem to enjoy it as well! Thanks for reading along so far.

And here we have Emerson in new outfit #4 this week, plus her new jelly shoes! She’s just too much cuteness!

Daycare sent me the next few photos (plus a few more), of my girl having a big time out on the playground this morning. I love the one of her carrying one of her shoes around!

Aunt Meggie got off work mid-afternoon, so she checked Emerson out early, and took her for playtime and treats at Big Easy Snowballs! And not pictured, Uncle Bo met them there too.

At home after work, the boys played with and took care of Emerson, while I cooked dinner and Jeff did something tech-y I don’t know how to explain. She absolutely loves her big brothers, and they’ve been amazing with her this summer.

At dinner-time, she signed “more” after learning it at school this week! She did it for about 30 seconds, because we just kept doing it back to her, wanting to see it over & over again, because she’s so smart & adorable. Right?!

Then nugget had to go straight to the bathroom, because she was covered in beef tips, rice & gravy.

Then once she was dry & in some fresh jammies (smelling so great, might I add), we read a few books while daddy got her bottle of milk warmed up.

She fell asleep basically right away, so I said her night-night prayers, then laid her down. The four of us are now watching “The Dark Knight Rises,” all cuddled up with blankets on the couch, with Pretzel tucked in with us. Daycare is closed tomorrow, and I took the day off, so I’m excited for extra time at home with the kids!

(P.S. – When reviewing my post before publishing, I just realized there are lots of photos today, but they’re literally all of Emerson. #sorrynotsorry, right!?)

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