Life is Just A Bowl of Cherries

Emerson was such a happy little girl this morning. She requested this “water spout” hair do, and chose the headband with it. Also, this yogurt pouch was in our “wrong” Walmart grocery order yesterday, so at least that item worked out in our favor!

And then she had a good day at school. She napped for about an hour and a half, and ate all of her breakfast and lunch, and looks like she played a lot with her friends!

Today was a gray, rainy, dreary, slow day at home. I made egg in the hole and coffee for breakfast for both Jeff and I, and I had mine with a side of “Friday Night Lights” and some home insurance paperwork that needs to be dealt with.

Oh, and one of the other good things we got in our “wrong” grocery order yesterday, was a giant bag of fresh cherries. I love cherries, and so this was a good treat for sure! I dumped them in my strainer to rinse earlier, and ate quite a few of them for a mid-morning snack!

We also got a giant container of fresh blueberries too, so I might need to make some blueberry muffins at some point this week, along with some banana bread, since we had so many last week and I couldn’t eat all of them myself.

After lunch, I fed Addison a bottle, and then her and I both fell asleep while I was holding her. It was so warm and cozy, and I just couldn’t resist snuggling down into the couch and falling asleep while it rained! We woke up around mid-afternoon, and loaded up to pick up Emerson from school a little early, and head back to Walmart, to pick up all the correct groceries this time.

Emmie helped me put it all it all way when we got home, which is one of her favorite things to do. I think it’s because she gets to climb up and stand on the counter!

For dinner tonight, I made cheeseburger sliders with tater tots and Caesar salad. This slider recipe was recommended to me by my friend Meagan when I asked for new ideas on Facebook a few weeks ago, and they were a hit! I let them get a little darker on top than I meant to, but they were still really good.

Addie was refusing to sleep after her bottle, so I scarfed down my food, and then scooped her up to try calm her down while the rest of the family finished eating. And although this progression of three photos makes it look like she eventually fell asleep, she would only sleep while I held her, and then woke up once I tried to lay her down.

Emmie was hopping around and dancing and doing “nastics” like crazy, and then had a popsicle for dessert.

Emmie came over to try to help get Addie back to sleep, but little miss priss was still fighting it so hard. So we did a diaper change, and then took her to Emmie’s room with us to do bedtime together.

Addison cried through most of Emmie’s bedtime routine, but Em was so sweet and she still went to bed easily. Jeff and the boys helped clean up the kitchen after dinner earlier, and took the trash out, and put away the leftover sliders. One of the boys will finish washing all the dishes, and I get to just rest a bit now, since Jeff just fed Addie again. So I think I’ll grab myself a little something for dessert, and watch another episode of “Friday Night Lights” before going to sleep.

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