Stretchy Baby


My big girl is just so pretty!

And my little girl is so pretty too!

Egg-in-the-hole, coffee & the Dillon Panthers for breakfast again today, in a dark house in the middle of a thunder & lightning storm.

I love watching her stretch when I first un-do her swaddle and free her arms. A stretchy baby is one of my favorite things!

After a bottle, I got her back down for a really good nap. While she slept, I showered, made a loaf of banana bread, got stuff in the crock pot for dinner, washed some dishes, and made and ate my lunch.

And before I could get back over to take a picture of the banana bread, the boys had already sliced into it and eaten about of of it! There’s less than half left now, but I still have three more brown bananas, so I think I’ll make it again later this week.

Daddy got some snuggles and prolonged eye contact during his lunch break, while the baby girl had a really long period of wakefulness.

So then her and I did tummy time and read some books and had a good time, before I finally got her back to sleep after lots of playing.

I tried laying her down in her crib for a nap again today, but she only last a few short minutes before waking herself up and needing me to hold her again for a bit. (She will rarely sleep laying flat on her back anymore and only has her best naps in her Boppy lounger. Anyone have any ideas what to do about this?!)

I left a little before 5pm to go pick up Emerson, after she had herself a pretty good day at school.

When we got back home, I just had to bake some garlic toast, boil some noodles, and throw together a salad, and dinner was ready! We had the crock pot creamy Italian chicken pasta, this was the first time I’ve made it, and it was super easy and super flavorful, and everyone cleaned their bowls. This one was a suggestion a few weeks ago from my friend Allie, so thanks for sharing this one! We even had some leftovers, so that’ll be good for lunch for a couple of us this week.

Jeff and the boys cleaned up and washed dishes after dinner, while I got Emerson bathed and dressed and all cleaned up. Then Jeff and Emmie changed Addie’s diaper, and he fed her a bottle. We watched just a few videos on YouTube, before getting Emmie’s bedtime routine started.

She was super sweet and went to bed well tonight. Buuuuttt… then not too long after, she came back in the living room just saying she wanted to stay up. She tried to stall with extra hugs and kisses and “the back of my thigh hurts, Mommy!” but we did get her to go back to her room. For a few minutes… And then she tried it again. By that point, Addison was screaming boycotting sleep, and Emerson was whining and boycotting sleep, and those girls were causing all the drama! Long story short, we got both girls settled down, with a little bit more work, and now both are sleeping soundly.

Going to grab myself a small bowl of cherries, finish this episode of “Friday Night Lights,” and then get some sleep.

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