Father’s Day 2021

Beautiful girl, all dressed up for church this morning!

Baby Sister Addie didn’t want to sleep too much at home this morning. But she did sleep for a couple of short bursts, and I was able to watch church online, and clean up Emerson’s room (and lay out all of her clothes for the upcoming week), which was looking like a “kasplosion” lately.

Jeff and the boys had lunch at DQ with the family after church, and then Emerson went home with Grammy for the afternoon.


After Jeff got home, he fed Addie a bottle, and then they both fell asleep together, which was precious.

I moved her to the Boppy so Jeff could take a real nap, and I read for a little while. Then Addie and I loaded up and drove out to my parents’ house, for a little family dinner/pool party.

And wow, these girls ate SO much food tonight for dinner. Between the four of them, they ate at least two or three hot dogs, and FOUR full sloppy joes. We made the first one and cut it into quarters, just to see how they would do with it. Then they kept demanding “More sloppy joe! More sloppy joe!” So we made another, and quartered it, and they demanded more! So yes, they essentially each ate one full sandwich, plus hot dog and chips. Followed by an applesauce pouch, and plenty of ice cream for “bassert.” Megan will now be accepting donations to help feed these girls for the next 16 years 😉

And My girl who never stops snacking, still needed some popcorn after the triplets left.

Jeff and the boys went out and did their own thing for Father’s Day (starting with picking up our Walmart grocery order), and then had dinner at Momo’s.

Then when we all got home, we gave Jeff his Father’s Day gifts, and got a quick photo of all four kids!

Addie wanted to join us for Emmie’s bedtime routine, and Emmie loved having her back there with us.

So, after a good, but long day, I started looking through the groceries that Jeff picked up. He had put away all the cold/frozen stuff, but some of the shelf stable stuff was on the counter… I saw a few things that I didn’t order, and kept looking, and found more stuff. Then I checked out the cold stuff, and I hadn’t ordered any of that either… Long story short, they gave him the entire wrong order.

So someone out there has my $130 grocery order, and instead, we got random stuff like two giant bags of collard greens, two gluten & dairy-free pizzas, some weird spices and sauces, and basically nothing I’d ever actually order. I already called customer service, and they will refund my whole order, but now I have to re-order the whole thing, and go pick it up again tomorrow. So annoying! And now what do I do with all this weird stuff that we won’t eat?!

Addie hasn’t slept much this afternoon, or this morning for that matter, so hopefully she’s tired enough tonight to finally get a couple nice long stretches of sleep, so that we can get some sleep too, because I’m exhausted!



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